Beers with genuine provenance and heritage are adding colour to what has been a monochrome beer-drinking scene for far too long. Beer can taste like a fruit, beer can taste like coffee or beer can taste like a beer really should. Consumers are now realising that beer has a far broader palate than wine.

Specialist premium beers from around the world, continue to show growth in a market where beers and lagers are showing huge downward spirals. Many bars are now looking for that point of difference offering unique and authentic beers. In today’s competitive market no one can afford to sit back with the portfolio they have always stocked.

It is essential to offer point of difference and world beers are one of those that will attract today’s customers who are seeking a more varied offering; people are much more aware of the wide choice available; drinkers now realise there is more to life than just a pint of lager.

Beer with food, whether served as an accompaniment or intrinsic to the recipe, is becoming more popular and many beer and food experts are adding their knowledge and advice to the category. This development is adding further weight to the specialist beer-drinking experience and can give your outlet that all-important point of difference.

We at JJ Mahon’s strive to meet consumers’ demands and continue to update and source new beers to make our portfolio the very best in the market.