John and Gertrude Mahon and their family came from Brownstown in 1949 where John had been managing a licensed premises on behalf of D.E. Williams of Tullamore since the late 1930’s. John at the time saw the opportunity to set up a bottling plant to service the licensed trade in the Kildare area.


Initially Stouts and Ales were bottled at his premises on Claregate Street Kildare Town and in 1961 J.J. Mahon & Sons started to bottle their own unique minerals under the brand names “Curra Orange” and “Curra Lemonade”. In addition to his wholesale bottling business in January 1950 John Mahon opened his own licensed premises at Claregate Street where it still exists today.


In 1971 J.J. Mahon & Sons became a registered company with its own Directors and has remained Independent ever since.


Bottling continued until 1976. However with fuel costs rising as a result of Middle East Oil crisis production ceased at Claregate Street. J.J. Mahon & Sons then began distribution on behalf of the main breweries, mineral suppliers, wine and spirit merchants around the County.

In 1983 John along with his sons Pat and Kevin saw the need to purchase bigger premises and purchased the site of the Kildare Wallpaper factory. These large premises contained over 75,000 square feet of warehousing space and remains home to the business.